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Increase revenue and accelerate reimbursement time with Codex EMS Billing services.

Are you searching to improve your reimbursement rates and cashflow?

If you are experiencing a decline in your agency’s revenue cycle performance, not seeing all of your earned income making into your bank account, or unable to make informed decisions because you don’t have access to accurate, real-time reports, we can help.

The experienced team of professionals at Codex EMS billing solutions provides a proven billing process to reduce delays and denials and maximize cash flow.

With Codex EMS billing solutions, we implement a process that will handle:

  • Payment posting / adjustments
  • Tracking / claims management
  • Patient statements
  • Processing patient credit card payments
  • Denial management
  • Managing collections
  • Patient inquiries
  • A / R Recovery

Codex EMS billing provides transparent access to real-time reports to view key performance indicators (KPIs) and financial and payer information to improve your ambulance billing services.

Optimize every step of the billing process and submit a higher percentage of clean claims, with fewer rejections.

Our team of NAAC certified coders invoice quickly and accurately to help submit claims out the door and paid faster.

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